Route & prioritize customer issues correctly with Triage

Forethought automates the triage process, categorizing issues for you as they come into the helpdesk.

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Read Every Ticket, Instantly

Why is support triage so difficult? Because it takes a lot of time to read and prioritize every ticket. Forethought can help reduce costs associated with triage by reading every ticket instantly. Because Forethought's AI understands sentiment and intent, it can also make sure every ticket is accurately routed and, if needed, escalate to the right person or department.

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Skills-Based Routing

Do you have some agents that are better with unhappy customers than others? What about agents that are better at helping with really technical questions? Forethought Triage can help make sure your customers are routed to the right agent based on their needs and the agent's skills.

Sentiment-Based Escalation

Most tools triage and escalate based on keywords, which leads to incorrect routing and unhappy customers. Forethought's AI can understand sentiment and intent, which allows it to more accurately route and escalate tickets to the right person.

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Auto-Detect Spam

Instead of helping customers in need, agents often spend much of their day filtering through spam. This results in higher costs and unhappy customers. Forethought can auto-detect your spam before your agents ever see it so they can spend their time helping customers.

Agatha is an AI-powered customer service agent.

Easily Provide Product Feedback

Support tickets are usually a goldmine for your product team. The problem? Digging through hundreds of thousands for tickets for product insights can take a lot of time. Forethought can automatically tag tickets about product problems or suggested improvements, making it easier for your product team to get meaningful, timely feedback without all the work.

Why Choose Triage?

Fast Deployment

Agatha can start working for you in as little as 3 business days.

Smart Routing

Our models are trained on your data to provide the most accurate help.

Language Agnostic

Agatha supports over 100 different languages.

Unique Insights

Helps augment support teams on email, phone, and chat.

Spam Detection

Our dashboard highlights trends on tickets and agent performance.

Uses Deep Learning

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Scale Your Customer Support Operations

Help your customer support agents focus on delighting customers

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