Use AI to accurately solve customer issues

Forethought empowers your customer support team with Agatha, your AI-powered agent, who confidently automates the simple and assists with the complex.

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Created for teams using:

Agatha Solve

Automatically answer common, repetitive tickets and reduce your agents' workload.

Self service
Help customers at multiple touch points, including email, help center, and more.

Resolve simple issues
Offer customers the information they need to resolve simple issues like how to reset a password or changing account settings.

Help more customers faster
With recurring tickets out of the way, focus your attention on resolving other tickets more quickly.

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Agatha Triage

Categorize and route tickets to the right agent.

Case Prediction and Categorization
Agatha accurately predicts and tags incoming cases and reduces manual work for your team.

Skills-Based Routing
Don’t leave customers waiting in a queue. Connect them to agents with the right skills.

Instant Ticket Triage
Have incoming cases routed right away and free up more agents to help customers.

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Agatha Assist

Suggested solutions and articles found and surfaced for agents to consider.

Suggested Answers
Agatha recognizes and retrieves relevant previous tickets and articles to help agents.

Smart Search
All of your support team’s knowledge is available through Agatha’s search bar.

Quick Reply Actions
Reply to customers faster by attaching articles or using previous responses, all in one click.

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Agatha Analytics

Measure the ROI of Agatha to see how it benefits agents’ workflows.

Real-Time Reporting
Get an up-to-date picture of how Agatha is helping your support team’s performance.

Customizable Dashboards
Create reports and dashboards that you can share with your team or organization.

Identify the Gaps
Pinpoint where the gaps in your knowledge documentation and support operations are.

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How Agatha Works

Agatha is an AI-powered customer support agent who uses machine learning and natural language understanding to immediately respond to customers to resolve simpler issues, automate repetitive routing that agents spend valuable time doing, and provide real-time assistance and insights to agents and managers as they work to resolve issues more efficiently.


Your AI-Powered Service Agent


Self-service customer support at scale


Automated ticket routing and triage at scale


Suggested articles in your agents’ helpdesks


Smarter search for customers and agents


Team performance monitoring and reporting


Detect gaps and uncover trends from your data.
“Now our agents are spending time with more challenging tickets and responding back more quickly because they don’t have to deal with these easy, kind of one-off tickets, and so that helps us drive better performance overall.”

Gerald Hastie

Director of Student Support Operations

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“Agatha Answers saves us time and increases our efficiency while improving our ability to provide fast and accurate answers to our clients.”

James Millard

Senior Director, Global Support & Community

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Get More From Your Customer Support

Onboard Agents Seamlessly

Get agents up to speed and replying to customers faster and with higher accuracy.

Solve Tickets Faster

Decrease first response time and average handle time so you can close cases faster.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep customers happy by giving them the answers they’re looking for more quickly.

Eliminate Manual Routing

Route and escalate tickets instantly, matching customer issues with the right agent.

Simpler Customer Service

Reduce agent workload and ticket volume by tackling recurring issues more efficiently.

Track Team Performance

Get real-time data on how your team is doing, and create custom reports and dashboards.

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