Help customers instantly

Agatha reacts and resolves common issues so your agents can focus on delighting customers.

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Agatha Solve

Auto-respond to common issues quickly

Agatha answers common questions using your knowledge base articles or help desk templates, via email or web widget, which means customers get answers faster.

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Reduce your customer support team’s workload

Agatha keeps your help desk clean by intercepting common issues before they ever reach your agents, which means your team can focus on more complex customer issues.

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Why Choose Solve?

Fast Deployment

Agatha doesn't run on a set of rules, which means she can get up and running fast.

90%+ Accuracy

Agatha only Solves an issue when she is confident in the answer.

Language Agnostic

Agatha supports over 100 languages.

Unique Insights

Monitor general ticket trends and how Agatha is helping reduce the ticket load.

Reduce Your Queue

In one week, Agatha can reduce your agent workload by up to 20%.

Continual Improvement

With deep learning at her core, Agatha is always improving.

Scale Your Customer Support Operations

Help your customer support agents focus on delighting customers

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