Resolve your customer issues instantly

Agatha instantly understands customer needs better than any other AI

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Resolve Tickets Faster

AI can help your customers getting an accurate solution to their issue much faster than waiting for the next available agent or fumbling through a chatbot. More accurate solutions mean faster ticket resolution and better CSAT.

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No-Code Self-Service

Customers want to be able to resolve their issues with the help of self-service solutions. Because Forethought's AI can ingest hundreds of thousands of prior support tickets, it knows exactly what next steps the customer needs to take to help.

AI-Powered Service Over Every Channel

Forethought helps you provide a great customers experience on whatever channel your customer prefers. Forethought Solve can provide a self-service solution over

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Help Center
  • In-app

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Make Complex Requests Simple to Resolve

Using Solve Workflows, Forethought has the ability to dig into the customer account to retrieve specific information and take action. This powerful feature will help reduce the load on your agents and help give customers a quick solution to more complex requests.

Agatha is an AI-powered customer service agent.

Real Answers with Real AI

Most "conversational chatbots" use keyword-based decision trees to navigate customers down a winding road of questions to eventually provide an answer, but this is a very poor customer experience. Because Forethought is built on true AI, it understands sentiment and intent, resulting in an accurate resolution and a happy customer.

Meet Customer Service SLAs at Scale

Growing rapidly doesn't have to mean missing your customer service SLAs. Forethought can help you manage the high fluctuations in ticket volume associated with scaling businesses and help you meet your FRT and other SLAs with ease. Shortly after implementing Forethought's AI, Acorn's First-Response-Time was reduced from 96 hrs to less than an hour to help them meet their SLA.

Why Choose Solve?

Fast Deployment

Agatha doesn't run on a set of rules, which means she can get up and running fast.

90%+ Accuracy

Agatha only Solves an issue when she is confident in the answer.

Language Agnostic

Agatha supports over 100 languages.

Unique Insights

Monitor general ticket trends and how Agatha is helping reduce the ticket load.

Reduce Your Queue

In one week, Agatha can reduce your agent workload by up to 20%.

Continual Improvement

With deep learning at her core, Agatha is always improving.

Scale Your Customer Support Operations

Help your customer support agents focus on delighting customers

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