Make AI is Part of Your Life that You Like

Deon Nicholas

CEO & Founder, Forethought

Deon is the Founder of Forethought, the 2018 winners of TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield SF. To overcome the information overload in enterprises, Forethought builds AI-powered products that proactively embed relevant information into employees' daily workflows, starting with Customer Support.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Make AI is Part of Your Life that You Like

Customer experience is centric to a company's success. Yet bots are thrown in the front lines of customer interaction causing unnecessary friction with customers.

Who wants to go through a phone tree? What if instead of bots, we improved customer support agent workflows? Anecdotally, keeping humans in the loop increases customer satisfaction.

Ultimately augmentation, not automation, enables super-powered customer support agents, making everyone's day more delightful.

In this presentation we'll go through:

• Primer on Support Automation (SA)
• Overview of SA Market
• Approaches to SA
• Forethought SA Framework
• Where SA Excels

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