Agatha Predictions

Case Segmentation and Smart Routing For Customer Support

Agatha uses AI to route tickets to the right agent, so your team can focus on delighting customers instead of the tedious manual work.

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Case Categorization

Remove Ticket Triage From Your Support Agents’ To Do List

Agatha Predictions categorizes tickets instantly with a high degree of accuracy that makes it easy to organize your incoming tickets and cases.

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Smart Routing

Increase your team’s time to 1st response without all the hassle

Agatha Predictions uses NLU to route tickets to the right team. Say goodbye to the days where issues sit in an inbox without being properly escalated or routed.

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One day to deploy

Agatha takes just 24 hours to start routing tickets to agents.

Smart Routing

No waiting for Agatha to work her magic: triage is done in seconds.

Language agnostic

No need for a translator: Agatha is fluent in over 100 languages.

Unique Insights

Our dashboard highlights trends amongst incoming support tickets.

Spam detection

Good-bye, Nigerian prince. Agatha detects and eliminates spam.

Uses deep learning

With deep learning at her core, Agatha is always improving.

Stop manually routing tickets and drastically improve your support team’s first time to response

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