Forethought Partners with Freshworks

June 17, 2019

Forethought and Freshworks have partnered to bring Forethought's Agatha Answers into your Freshdesk inbox. Freshdesk converts every email, feedback, chat, or call that comes in into tickets, and Agatha Answers automatically recommend answers to tickets by tapping into information across your company knowledge sources.

Freshdesk streamlines customer conversations into one centralized helpdesk. With Agatha Answers installed in Freshdesk, Agatha automatically scans open tickets for contextual cues and makes answer recommendations directly in the inbox, no search or preexisting template necessary.

In Freshdesk, Agatha pulls answers from the following data sources:

  • Historical Freshdesk tickets
  • Helpdesk articles (on the web)
  • Macros/templates
  • Google docs
  • Dropbox docs
  • Box docs
  • Confluence pages
  • Nanorep articles
  • Discourse posts
  • How-to-videos

Freshworks and Forethought have joined forces to empower teams to do what they do best--delighting customers, leaving the manual work to AI. By surfacing the team's collective knowledge and the company’s historical knowledge at the moment when employees need it, Agatha helps employees answer customer inquiries faster and with greater accuracy.

>>> Install Agatha Answers on Freshdesk