July 28, 2020

3 ways to help your customers feel understood when they contact support

Whether your customer is coming to you with a problem or just a general query, it’s important to help them feel heard and understood. Understanding customers is at the heart of good customer experience. 

At Forethought, we’re continually dreaming up and refining how you can reach your customers authentically, strategically, and beneficially using the power of AI. With the launch of a web widget functionality, we wanted to offer you three ways you can provide your customers with better customer experience, even while automating certain activities. 

1. Reward customers for serving themselves

The only thing worse than not getting any help at all is getting a lot of unhelpful bot suggestions that don’t actually resolve an issue. But how do you make sure your customers get answers as fast as they expect them while still providing truly helpful responses? 

Our AI agent Agatha uses machine learning to work through the words of a question or need to pull up the best info that fits the context. She doesn’t rely on a perfect match of keywords to her data sources. She looks for context clues in a customer question and connects those clues to the best possible macro, template, or article based on the specific question. 

When you embed Agatha Solve into your customer’s experience by providing direct access to her knowledge via a web widget at the bottom of your knowledge base or website, you’re giving your customers direct access to real help. 

Ask Agatha a detailed question, and she’ll find information that she is confident will help you --- with a 90% accuracy rate. Better yet, if she can’t find an answer that she’s confident in, she won’t try to solve your problem. 

Agatha’s conscientious behavior pays huge dividends because it helps customers feel heard.

2. Find out what’s helping customers

So you have a high rate of accurately resolving questions as they come in the door. Now what? Learning from what works when attempting to resolve issues using AI is just as important. When you use AI tools like Agatha Solve to help you answer tickets, you can quickly assess how effective different templates and articles have been for resolving past issues. 

You can find out which templates or articles tend to help your customers as well as which issues don’t get resolved with AI. Looking at the trends of how AI works ultimately leads you to better meeting your customers where they need you. 

3. Always leave a way out 

When you don’t rig the system, customers will be less likely to game it. 

You never want to put customers into an endless loop of frustration, and, honestly, some systems can do this! Give your customers the ability to opt out of a self-service option and contact an agent.

This autonomy really puts trust into the hands of your customers so they can communicate what they need. By allowing them to opt out, you give them the space both to use self-service tools efficiently and also to let you know when they’re not getting what they need. 

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