The proof is in the analytics

Using the wealth of data at your help desk, gain insights that help you understand customer support and beyond.

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Get in touch with us to see Agatha in action

Book a Demo

Get in touch with us to see Agatha in action

Agatha Analytics

Visualize your support team's performance

Better meet your employee's professional development with insight into everyday work

Measure the ROI of Agatha to see how it benefits agents' workflows

Real-Time Reporting
Get an up-to-date picture of how Agatha is helping your support team’s performance.

Customizable Dashboards
Create reports and dashboards that you can share with your team or organization.

Identify the Gaps
Pinpoint where the gaps in your knowledge documentation and support operations are.

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Why Choose Analytics?

Workflow Optimized

Agatha fits right into your team's workflow with little to no training.

Smarter Search

Agatha Answers uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to suggest the best answers.

Comprehensive Insight

Use the workflow your agents implement each day to better understand how to improve.

Continuous Learning

Upvote and downvote answers to help Agatha improve results.

Custom Filters

Agents can select the knowledge sources that work best for them.

Find Out What Works

Adapt to whatever new business need you have with better data.

Don't just take our word for it

"Agatha allows me the ability to answer tickets quickly if needed, which in turn opens up more time to focus on tickets that I feel require more attention, especially as I am still learning."

Customer Support Agent


"Agatha Assist saves us time and increases our efficiency while improving our ability to provide fast and accurate answers to our clients."

James Millard

Senior Director, Global Support & Community, D2L

Reporting at your fingertips

Learn how the tickets you receive can help shape product roadmapping, improve operations, inform needs, and justify change.

Curious about the technology behind Agatha?

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