Empower your agents with Knowledge Management

Provide your support team with the tools they need to help customers. Agatha Assist makes finding the answers customers need quick and easy, no matter where the answer is.

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Enable agents to find answers faster.

The average agent spends 35% of their time looking for information. Agatha Assist will save them hours of work by telling them exactly what to send the customer, reducing TTR and increasing CSAT. That's a win-win.

Learns from your data, no matter where it lives.

Agents can officially stop stressing about finding the right data across your tools. In a matter of hours (not weeks or months), Agatha will learn from all of your data, whether it's in Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Drive, PDFs, Jira, or wherever it may be stored. This is why Agatha Assist is so amazing at suggesting marcos, knowledgebase articles, past tickets and external sources.

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Reduce onboarding time by 30%

Successful agent onboarding requires an agent to know how properly help new customers with a very wide range of potential requests. Agatha Assist helps reduce the onboarding time by suggesting the exact macro or template for every incoming ticket.

“I am so impressed with the results, so I want to put Forethought in front of every support channel that we have.”

Director of Customer Support

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Launch Agatha Within Days

Agatha doesn't take weeks or months to launch like a typical "conversational ai" chatbot. Within a few days, your team can be creating a better customer support exerience with our AI-powered agent.

Improve CSAT, Reduce Costs

The best customer support experience is a combination of human + machine. With Agatha, you'll reduce costs and improve CSAT at the same time.

Agatha is an AI-powered customer service agent.

Multi-Channel Support

When you hire Agatha, you also hire a world-class support organization. Every Forethought customer is assigned a personal Customer Success Manager.

Habla Espanol? Si

Not only will Agatha learn everything about your past tickets and all your knowledge base articles, but she can help future customers in over 100 languages.

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