AI for Customer Service Teams

AI for customer services teams is no longer "the future." Forethought's technology is improving both the customer and agent experience.

For a limited-time, qualified companies can get a $100 gift card just for doing a live demonstration of Forethought.

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Created for teams using:

Resolve Tickets Faster with Solve

Forethought will answer common, repetitive tickets automatically to reduce your agents' workload.

Self service
Help customers at multiple touch points, including email, help center, and more.

Resolve simple issues
Offer customers the information they need to resolve simple issues like how to reset a password or changing account settings.

Help more customers faster
With recurring tickets out of the way, focus your attention on resolving other tickets more quickly.

Intelligent Tagging and Routing with Triage

Categorize and route tickets to the right agent.

Case Prediction and Categorization
Forethought analyzes sentiment to accurately predict and tag incoming cases and reduces manual work for your team.

Route Based on Agent Ability
Don’t leave customers waiting in a queue. Forethought will connect customers to agents with the right skills to help them.

Instant Ticket Triage
Have incoming cases routed right away and free up more agents to help customers.

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Empower Agents for Success with Assist

Suggested solutions and articles found and surfaced for agents to consider.

Suggested Answers
Forethought recognizes and retrieves relevant previous tickets and articles to help agents.

Smart Search
All of your support team’s knowledge is available through Forethought's search bar.

Quick Reply Actions
Reply to customers faster by attaching articles or using previous responses, all in one click.

“I am so impressed with the results, so I want to put Forethought in front of every support channel that we have.”

Director of Customer Support

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Launch Forethought Within Days

Forethought doesn't take weeks or months to launch like a typical "conversational ai" chatbot. Within a few days, your team can be creating a better customer support exerience with our AI-powered agent.

Improve CSAT, Reduce Costs

The best customer support experience is a combination of human + machine. With Forethought, you'll reduce costs and improve CSAT at the same time.

Agatha is an AI-powered customer service agent.

Multi-Channel Support

When you hire Forethought, you also hire a world-class support organization. Every Forethought customer is assigned a personal Customer Success Manager.

Habla Espanol? Si

Not only will Forethought help support your customers and agents, but she can do it in over 100 languages.

Earn a $100 gift card for learning about Forethought

AI is changing how customers interact with customer service teams. If you are interested in using AI for your customer service organization, we'll offer you a $100 gift card to Amazon or DoorDash just for attending a custom demo of Forethought.

Forethought is the best fit for teams with the following:

  • Using a scalable help desk like Zendesk, Salesforce, or Servicenow.
  • Receive over 2,000 new tickets each month

If your customer service team meets these criteria, request a demo today.

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