Agatha deflections

Auto Respond to Support Tickets and Reduce Agent Workload

Agatha uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a cutting edge AI technology, to read and auto-respond to customer tickets. In as little as 3 business days, Agatha can deflect up to 10-20% of your tickets with 90% accuracy, because she’s trained on your specific data.

For Zendesk and Salesforce users

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Complimentary until June 1st

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"Agatha helped us in time to allowing us to spend more quality time with the more challenging type of tickets"

Gerald Hastie

Director of Student Support Operations

How does it work?

We identify categories where there are common and repetitive customer tickets where we can reach a high level of accuracy in responding to the ticket with a macro. Then, when a customer ticket comes in, Agatha responds to the ticket with the relevant macro and the case is closed.

Three days to deploy

Agatha can start working for you in as little as 3 business days.

90%+ accuracy

Agatha only deflects when she's confident in the answer.

Language agnostic

We support over 100 languages, chances are we support yours too.

Unique Insights

Monitor CSAT changes over time and see general ticket trends.

Reduce your queue

In one week, Agatha can reduce your agent workload by up to 10-20%.

Uses deep learning

With deep learning at her core, Agatha is always improving.

Complimentary Deflections until June 1st during these unprecedented times

Deflect up to 10-20% of your total ticket volume on Zendesk or Salesforce

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