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New agents at Typeform reduce time spent working tickets by up to 20% with Agatha Assist

Harnessing collective knowledge to arm new agents as they find answers for their customers.





"Agatha allows me the ability to answer tickets quickly if needed, which in turn opens up more time to focus on tickets that I feel require more attention, especially as I am still learning."
- Typeform customer support agent

What is Typeform?

Typeform is a survey tool with an intuitive and predictive interface that capitalizes on beauty, ease of use, and experience for both its survey-makers and survey-takers.

Where was Typeform at before Agatha came along?

Typeform was using Zendesk Help Center, yet found itself doing a lot of manual work when it came to resolving tickets. According to Typeform Project Coordinator, Agnes Abel, their different sources of information -- the help center, the macros, and the ticket search -- did not integrate which meant they did not pull up suggestions automatically or efficiently.

Additionally, Typeform has a fairly complex product and its customers frequently have in-depth questions. Agnes said, “Our support team’s job is very difficult. It’s very difficult to keep everything in mind and to keep all the replies in mind as you answer tickets.”

What did Typeform try?

Typeform tried Agatha Assist to empower agents with more of the team’s collective knowledge. They recognized that the product and types of issues they were resolving were complex, that new functionalities kept agents on their toes, and that every question coming in often required a comprehensive response. 

To educate the support team and onboard new agents faster, the Typeform team tried Agatha Assist which pulls knowledge from every corner of an organization into the agent helpdesk. Using machine learning, Agatha Assist surfaces the most accurate and best answers for agents to consider as they resolve issues. Agnes said, “We really believe in AI and machine learning. We are eager to try these kinds of tools.”

Why did you decide to go with Forethought?

“It was a really good experience working with the Agatha team,” Agnes shared. She explained that Rose Wang, Forethought’s Head of Customer Experience, made sure every new agent got up and running with Agatha, meeting with them to make sure they felt comfortable with the system.

What happened when you started using Agatha Assist? 

Typeform found Assist to be helpful for their new agents. Five out of their 18 agents were brand new and needed support. 

Agents found Agatha simple to use and found themselves going to her for help with answers. “Agatha allows me the ability to answer tickets quickly if needed, which in turn opens up more time to focus on tickets that I feel require more attention, especially as I am still learning,” said one Typeform customer support agent.

The Results:

  • New agents (those who joined in the last couple of months) who found an answer suggested by Agatha to reply to a ticket reduced their time spent by 20%.
  • Agatha empowered new agents on the Typeform team. One agent with just four months of experience even said, “I have found it to be quite valuable when there are rare and specific inquiries that have been answered in the past by other agents.”
  • New agents use Agatha for at least 2 out of every 3 tickets they answer.

What’s next?

Typeform now has all new agents use Agatha and they’re hoping to make Agatha Solve a part of their workflow as they grow and expand too!

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