Answer customers faster

Agatha suggests answers to support tickets to increase agent productivity and embeds directly into existing helpdesks like Zendesk and Salesforce.

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Agatha Assist

Increase support agent productivity by 35%

Agatha helps new teammates get up to speed faster. Whenever one of your agents gets lost, Agatha is right there with answers and context.

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Spend less time searching for answers

Find the right solution to customer problems with a quick search. Agatha accesses data spread out across multiple sources instantly and delivers the best answer for the situation.

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Why Choose Assist?

Workflow Optimized

Agatha fits right into your team's workflow with little to no training.

Smarter Search

Agatha Answers uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to suggest the best answers.

Quick Actions

Past solutions and answers surface to the top, allowing you to apply them with one click.

Continuous Learning

Upvote and downvote an answer to help Agatha improve results.

Custom Filters

Agents can select the knowledge sources that work best for them.

Works Across Channels

Get answers to your agents for email, chat, or phone queues.

Close more tickets, faster

Help your customer support agents focus on delighting customers

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