Agatha Answers

Constantly hiring new agents that need help getting up to speed?

Agatha suggests answers to support tickets to increase agent productivity and embeds directly into existing helpdesks like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Front.

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Helpdesk Integration

Fits perfectly into your existing customer support workflow

We promise to be the most non-disruptive technology ever. Answers are recommended in your Salesforce, Zendesk, and Front help desks.

Agent Onboarding

Level up your new support hires with less time and effort

Agatha helps new teammates get up to speed faster. Whenever one of your agents gets lost, Agatha is right there with answers and context.

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Workflow Optimized

Agatha fits right into your team's workflow with little to no training.

Smarter Search

Agatha Answers uses AI to suggest the best answers.

Quick Reply

Agatha surfaces past answers and lets you apply it in one click.

Feedback Friendly

Upvote and downvote answers to help Agatha improve results.

Custom Filters

Agents can select the knowledge sources that work best for them.

Works with Chat

Get help in realtime with updated results based on user input.

Give your agents the answers they need, when they need it and drive down their handle time

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